How to approach changing your organisation to deliver what’s needed?

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We will help you see your current situation afresh. We will guide you in ways that “hold up the mirror”. We will help to surface and examine together what’s in the mirror, and expand your choices for action.

We ask questions

About you, your team, your organisation, questions at all stages. And we listen for insights into your needs, for patterns, for clarity about outcomes. We want you to be involved in the questioning too to bring the experience of change alive, to build a sense of purpose and to develop solutions, so we create a shared point of view, and build the momentum for change together.

Business led

We believe most solutions lie within you. So we work with you to see and understand your business a little more deeply (which often includes seeing yourself!). Together we set the change agenda, and define and implement the fewest things that will make the biggest difference to achieving your goals.

Open but rigorous

Clients find us easy-going and flexible, but clear and authoritative when we need to be. We combine tough, confronting interventions with respect and understanding for individuals and teams.

Your 'system' has the answers

There is no generic solution …we believe the answer lies within you, your organisation and your stakeholders, as a whole system. We are very attentive to your particular change context, but we also bring insights from other experiences as well as our proven Frameworks.

"I have worked with Transcend a number of times in different organisations. Their contribution to complex change and business improvement is always significant, especially their focus on sustainable change through collaborative working"

Andrew Manley, Chief Executive, Central Government Department

How we think

HOW you lead change is what makes change stick.

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