We have learned that the approach you choose and then HOW you lead it is what makes change stick

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As we work with you, we hold in mind change principles we have applied with many clients. The principles make a difference. Once you have chosen your change approach, the principles help you stay rigorous.

Our change principles

Change is the disturbance of repeating patterns

Change is constant, on-going and dynamic – not something with a beginning and an end

Change is inseparable from the work. How you go about the work of change determines whether change will be sustained

The only thing we can change is what is happening right now

We work with not on an organisation…because people support what they create

Change starts with the self

Business led

Because you can only change what is going on right now, we focus on business in real-time. We build change capability, as you do high priority work that will make a sustainable difference to your organisation.

Do you think “systems”?

If you think in systems, then you know that the patterns that need changing will show up in how you interact with others, including with us. And if you change yourself as a leader, you can change the system around you.


We are passionate about being leading edge. Everything we do is guided by what we have learnt from practical experience and the thinking we have developed from our own published research. With one of our clients, we are developing a new way to put our Change Pathway into practice. Our head of research is Professor Malcolm Higgs, head of the Business School at Southampton University.


We base our work on change frameworks that we know from our research and experience work.

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