We enable you to see what to shift in yourself - and with others - so you can build momentum to achieve changes that stick.

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Eureka moments of insight will happen often with us. We ask powerful questions to breakthrough to the work that really needs to be done. We work alongside you, because we believe strongly that people support what they create.

We work with...

…your senior leadership teams as they lead complex change; we coach teams and individuals; we bring together large groups to amplify shifts in thinking and behaving; we facilitate programmes which build lasting leadership capability as the high priority work of change is done; we are recognised for our expertise in coaching, leadership, high magnitude complex change, organisation development and business consultancy.

How many consultants?

You won’t see many of us in your organisation doing this - instead we work with people at all levels to lead this work, capably, themselves. When you don’t need us anymore – we know we’ve been a success.

Straight talking

We are business people who know how change works. We will challenge you, your thinking and your practice, “real time”, respectfully, to help you achieve your results. We do this through asking powerful questions.

Getting "unstuck"

Change is often led by launching lots of initiatives that make people busy. But this doesn’t do much to shift how they think and act. This does not bring sustainable change. So, we first seek insights with you, and when it’s clear what needs to shift at a deeper level, we work together to help people to get “unstuck” from doing things the same way they’ve always been done.

Great leadership

Our research found that great leadership, at all levels of the organisation, accounts for 50% of successful change. So, we focus on helping people improve leadership skills & capability in themselves, their teams, and the wider organisation. We do this simultaneously, as all these levels are connected.

Business results

Clients keep recommending us because we want you to win, to sustain the gains of change. So, with you we improve your business through lasting shifts in capability and performance to create greater lasting value.

“I employ Transcend as they bring a unique, business focused approach to developing leadership capability paying attention to the whole person and the way in which we view ourselves in our individual, team and organisational contexts to deliver lasting business results”

Peter Terium, Chief Executive Officer of Executive Board of RWE AG

How we work

We will help you see your current situation afresh...

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Who we work with

We work at senior levels internationally with a diverse group of large private and public sector organisations.

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