A well established, international, niche change leadership consultancy headquartered in the UK

Established in 2002, Transcend is a consultancy that enables leaders to develop skills in leading and delivering complex and lasting change.

We are a niche consultancy working to support change at all levels of an organisation. We often work simultaneously with Executive Board, Senior Leaders’ group and Project Teams. We look for points of high impact, identifying the few leverage points through which it is possible to establish lasting change.

Leaders who choose to work with us are typically prepared to go to the heart of the issue. They are interested in reflecting on and improving their own leadership style as well as developing the talents of those around them.

Success for us is leaving an organisation feeling that there is a palpable difference, and enjoying what we have helped to make possible.

How we come across:

  • Self aware, modelling what we talk, and interested in you and your organisation
  • Curious, rigorous, inquiring, experimental
  • Collaborative …all the way
  • Straight talking …we will say what you need to hear, not what you want to hear
  • With a purpose beyond profit – we are not interested in using you to grow our business